ms-c-school-8668-editNow that you are enveloped in my Dark Web…

Fine hosiery and leather boots with 6-inch heels are my passion and part of my tools to bring out your submission. My sessions provide creative sensations physically, mentally, and emotionally through erotic torture and surrender. I will dominate you through tease and denial, guide you through the peaks and valleys of mental imagery until you beg for release and are helplessly bound by my ropes.

My toy bag is as versatile as my imagination and my wardrobe. I have well over a 300 pairs of shoes and boots for you clean and lick and love for me. You may pamper me with gifts and compliments, but I expect your sincere desire to please and serve me. I use all of my senses to control my slaves. I will inflict 


pleasure on you and allow you to serve my needs through a unique command that begins with my voice and will carry through sight, smell, touch and taste. You will have no choice but to obey me.

Whether you wear my duncecap and are caned for your transgressions or are my sweet baby that needs naughty bedtime stories-your session with me will be unique, memorable, but most of all REAL. My dominance is about the exploration of sensuality and creative play we will share together whether you are a man, woman, trans, gay, bi, or straight. I am your Divine Dark Goddess and I will engage your body, mind, and senses whether you are a BDSM noviceor the most extreme pain slut.

You have your orders:  Call me now!

Ms. C